Practice Areas


Family Disputes

Family disputes can arise from various scenarios.  For example, it can arise from issues involving inheritance, family business, siblings rivalry, etc.  It is helpful to engage the assistance of an impartial third party to have a productive discussion regarding the problems concerning the family dynamic.  A family dispute may also arise when a couple, whether married or not, goes through a phase of conflict that may not resolve with time.  Your relationship may need help, and you may not have the tools to fix that conflict.  Mediation can assist you in fixing that situation, and is probably the most practical tool in terms of privacy and financially.  

Post-Divorce Custody Issues/Parenting Agreement

Separation or Divorces can be bitter, and figuring out custody issues can be very challenging.  It will be my duty to help you have a productive discussion about reaching decisions that reflect the best interests of your children.  I will help you and your partner develop a parenting plan with a clear residential schedule, medical care, dental care, education, religion, extra-curricular activities, and day-to-day decisions about upbringing, etc. 


Landlord/tenant relationships can be adversarial at times, and litigation can be costly.  Most of these issues can be addressed by both parties talking to each other in an impartial setting.  I will give both parties a chance to tell their side of the story so that a compromise can be reached without a costly litigation.

Roommate Disputes

A friendly roommate relationship can turn sour any minute.  I will help you engage in a productive discussion to air out your differences in an impartial setting.

Workplace Disagreements

Age discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, passed over for promotion, etc., are some of the several issues found in workplace.  Let me facilitate issues faced by you at work so that you can pay all your attention to achieving your career goals without any unnecessary conflicts in your professional life.

Cross-Cultural Issues Affecting the South Asian Population in Chicago

Chicago, a cosmopolitan city, is the home to a big South Asian population, namely Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Nepali community.  Sometimes issues can arise within the South Asian communities, or between the south Asian community, and other communities due to language barriers, cultural differences, or ignorance about culture and religious practices.  I am fluent in Hindi and Urdu, and have worked for various organizations that deal with above stated issues.  I can help you resolve your conflict with my language skills and understanding of cultural differences between various communities.